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10X Team

Meet the Cannabis10x world class team that has been involved in the launching of over 2,000 franchise brands including Five Guys, Sbarros, Haagen Dazs, 7/11, Panda Express, Gellette, Tide Laundry Detergent & many more...

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Join Cannabis10x Capital Pitch Events where entrepreneurs pitch our extensive network of cannabis investors, buyers and strategic partners.

The Return

Franchisees have a much lower investment than a business that must build from the ground the operations, branding and legal support of the existing franchise. Because of this lower investment ROI will be significantly higher.

Franchise brands

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10X Team


Harold Kestenbaum Franchise Attorney

Harold Kestenbaum

Franchise Attorney

Legal: Harold Kestenbaum Franchised over 2,000 concepts including Sbarros, Five Guys and many more. Spadea Lignana • Author: So You Want to Franchise Your Business • Entrepreneur Mag: voted Kestenbaum’s Law Firm Top 10 in N. America • 4 Decades of Franchise Rep Served on multitudes of Franchise Councils • Franchised hundreds of Domestic and International Concepts


Kit Vinson Franchise Operations

Kit Vinson

Franchise Operations

Operations: Kit Vinson President FranMan Inc. • High-End Customized Operations Manuals • Clients have included 7/11, Panda Express, Haagen-Dazs, Miracle Ear • Franchise Operations Podcast Host • 15 Years Franchise Manuals


Lisa Boh


Branding: Lisa Boh Kerning Brands • Partner/Owner Kerning Collective • President Crush Republic Branding • Strategic Innovation Award Winning Branding • Branding Director Fortune 500 Brands Gillette, Olay, Heinz, Ore Ida, Tide • Graphic Designer & Art Director

Franchise Investors


Jason Tropf is the Founder of Cannabis10x which represents several Cannabis Franchise Brands. Prior to 10X, he was a founding member of a Franchise 500 Brand, RSVP. As former Chief Marketing Officer and founding member of RSVP, Tropf assisted in the expansion of franchise territories that grew to more than 100 locations across the US. Upon the sale of that business and a lucrative exit, efforts were focused on repeating that process in emerging markets. Mergers & Acquisitions. Our service will franchise your business concept or assist in the acquisition or sale of an existing business. We've developed a deep network of growth oriented business owners. We are a source for creative expansion solutions, franchise development, management consulting, private equity & capital investments. We create and implement turn-key systems that have been distilled from the fastest growing brands.
Jason Tropf Franchise Founder
Jason Tropf
Cannabis10x Founder & CEO
Holly A Ford is the Co-Founder and Visionary for the first Cannabis/Hemp only Business Brokerage, Cannabis10x™ and its subsidiary 10X Events- a capital raise incubator; Founder and CEO of International Business Brokerage, Zarian Firm; and contributor to multiple publications on business acquisitions, investments and franchising. In the franchising space, Ford is an award-winning franchise developer, best-selling author of; Create Your Own Wealth – A Collection of Two-Minute Topics on Franchising, contributor to 12 franchise publications; and frequent radio and pod-cast guest.
Holly A. Ford
Cannabis10x Co-Founder & Vision

Why Play The Franchise Card?

franchising vs. licensing: FRANCHISING *Control Systems & Processes *Ongoing Royalty & Branding Stream *Tight Control of Brand *Franchising Protections *Slower Sales Cycle Protects Reputation *Powerful Exit Strategy – LICENSING *No Control of Process *No Royalties *No Control of Brand *May still be Subject to Franchising Law *Fast Sales Cycle can Jeopardize Reputation *Negligible Exit Value

Speed of Growth

There is no way to grow a business faster than through franchising. Raising capital to open location 3 and 4 takes time and enormous effort, as does build-out, staffing and ongoing management. Franchising can place dozens of new owners quickly while utilizing the franchisee’s capital, skills and time.


McDonald’s, 7-11, Dunkin Donuts… Yes you know them all.  How did they do it? They created a system where the proof of burden was placed on thousands of highly qualified business owners. Building a franchise is a sophisticated means for creating extreme wealth.


Create A Movement

Cannabis Franchisors will be the leaders in this new industry.  Franchisees bond together to form a tribe around the business creating an impenetrable brand with exponential growth